Enriching Africa’s Future

Jan 11, 2024 | Artículos

By Christine de Marcellus Vollmer.

A project to reach 200,000 children and adolescents in Africa with education in virtue and life skills is presently being rolled out by Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) and Hungary Helps. 

Led by Mrs. Danielle Sauvage, of the African Family Life Federation (AFLF), also known as the Federation Africaine d’Action Familiale (FAAF), this project is delivering Alive to the World to chosen diocesan schools in 18 countries, in English, French, and soon in Portuguese and Swahili.

Alive to the World, Apprendre à Aimer, or Caminhos de Vida, is an innovative curriculum spanning pre-school to the last year of Secondary, with one lesson per week, which originated in Venezuela and is spreading fast. The 13 student texts are constructed as an on-going story about a group of children as they grow, year by year, encountering the universal human situations lived by children and adolescents at school, on the sports field, in the community, and at home.

Teacher Guides corresponding to each level offer prepared lesson plans with suggested activities and discussion points.  

The techniques of Backward Planning, Big Concepts and Scaffolding in the structure of this programme has won praise from educational experts.

The Pedagogy of the Integration of the Human Person (PIHP), developed during the construction of Alive to the World, centers on the importance of each person learning to align the spiritual level (intelligence and will), emotional level (impulses and sentiments), and corporal level (where daily actions take place), assuring that knowledge, motivations and life skills are consistent in daily life and in a life plan.  Carlos Beltramo, PhD, co-author, has become internationally known for this pedagogical specialty. The collection originated in PROVIVE, a prolife group in Venezuela, where the ideology of IPPF, the World Sexology Association and other groups were threatening to overrun the country. Led by Christine Vollmer and completed in 1999 it is gaining popularity not only in Venezuela, but in other countries of Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa, in book and digital versions.

The success of this series in such varied countries derives from its anthropological underpinnings, and therefore a strict adherence to human nature, and to the natural and universal physical and psychological development of children and adolescents. The narrative technique allows the reader an objective view of feelings and actions, and to consider options and consequences. Insets of famous people from history afford examples, as well as broadening cultural horizons.

Alive to the World is proving that all children and adolescents the world over desire, in addition to security, significance, as Viktor Frankl was able to prove neurologically. Significance is that sense of self-worth which is only gained by unselfish acts and dedication to something superior to personal interest.

Buffered from woke subversions by easily recognized truth about life, African children and adolescents are learning with enthusiasm the way to real happiness.