During the process of developing the program Alive to the World, its authors created an original pedagogy.

The Pedagogy of the Integration of the Human Person was enshrined in an academic thesis by Carlos Beltramo, Ph.D., who later published numerous books.

This pedagogy, which has been successful for 20 years, provides a solid vision of the person and leads each student to understand how to build the best version of themselves, without stereotypes and without taboos.

Learn more about our theoretical and methodological bases:

It is easily inserted into the school structure in a systemic way and is based on the most modern pedagogical foundations:

It conforms to the neurology of Viktor Frankl and his studies on happiness

Follows the latest in brain development (Schore, Siegel, and others)

Considers conclusions from Positive Psychology

Gathers the wisdom of the great humanistic thinkers

Provides tools for cultivating:


Positive Leadership

Critical Thinking

A Life Plan

And other skills such as negotiation and decision-making.

Levels of action of the human person

Virtuous Circle of Integration: Humility