Our history


PROVIVE was founded as a non-profit organization in defense of life and human dignity, especially of women. Pre- and postpartum care centers were set up for poor mothers, and a press and conference campaign was launched, bringing in international experts


In 1985, taking advantage of a new 'sex education' law, “sexologists” spread throughout Venezuela, prompting an inadequate and harmful approach to the education of our young people. We decided to combat it with a complete and healthy course, based on a definition "Education in Human Sexuality is everything that an individual must learn, from birth, which qualifies him to be part of a happy and lasting couple".

And its corollary: "To live a happy and lasting relationship with another person, you must learn justice, patience, friendship, truthfulness, sincerity, loyalty, perseverance, generosity, empathy, among other values, as well as life skills such as listening, expressing yourself, negotiating, making decisions, etc."


After several years of intense research in the areas of anthropology, psychology and neurology, together with consultations with renowned specialists, a complete program for the teaching of human coexistence was created based on our definition and its corollary. Finally, in 1999, Alive to the World was published with 13 levels for students from 6 to 18 years old, and Teacher Guides for each grade. A curriculum for one hour per week that accompanies all schooling. You can learn more about this pedagogy developed by PROVIVE with the help of Carlos Beltramo, PhD here:


We continue in our mission to bring the roadmap of happiness to all children and adolescents in Venezuela and the world.

We continue to support the teachers of Venezuela to heighten their great vocation for the future of our nation.

We continue to research on the flourishing and fulfillment of the human being, bringing this knowledge to parents and teachers.

We are dedicated to forming a new generation of fathers and mothers who love and respect life and know how to create solid and loving families.