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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Alive to the World training available for parents and guardians?

    The implementation courses of Alive to the World are designed to train teachers so that they can work as a team with parents and guardians to teach them the program. As an organization we offer talks and workshops to parents, caregivers or representatives at the request of a group.

    We recommend our book Talking About Sexuality, an explanation in ‘Story-telling’ to inspire parents on how to explain the most intimate aspects of procreation, with a scientific and respectful approach.

    Can students who have never seen the program and are in higher grades or years receive Alive to the World?

    Any student can join the program in any year, because Alive to the World is aligned with the evolutionary development and age of the student, in order that he or she can fit in smoothly with the program

    In which spaces should the program be applied in schools in Venezuela?

    It can be applied in during Orientation and Coexistence and/or Citizenship Training, which is 2 hours, allowing enough time for productive discussions.

    What is the minimum time per week to apply the program?

    One hour a week, but many teachers use it transversally because they want to apply the values they learn to all subjects.

    What is the minimum number of lessons a student should see during the school year?

    At least 20 and 25 lessons, but many insist on finishing the story.

    Can any teacher apply the program?

    Yes, but the best way to understand how to use the tools, is to take the 16-hour training course that will provide the scaffolding necessary to enable a comprehensive understanding and practice of values, as well as the development of character and personality. This optimizes the training in affectivity and sexuality that Alive to the World presents.

    How can I purchase the program?

    Contact us at or at our social media @aprendiendo.aquerer

    Is the use of the Teacher Guide mandatory?

    Yes. The Teacher Guide leads the educator through the entire process, helping him/her understand how to address learning objectives, optimize teaching strategies, assess student progress, and how to adapt the curriculum to meet the individual needs of each student. It is the way to ensure the application of Alive to the World’s educational standards.